What is B-Force Bands

B-Force Bands simulates exercises performed on cable weight machines. B-Force Bands have four 24” latex tube allowing you full range of motion in a limited area.

B-Force Bands are connected with a 12” anchor strap that can attach to a door jamb , fixed object, or a partner can hold it. B-Force Bands consist of 4 latex tube w/ no set attachments allowing you to adjust from cushioned handle to cushioned ankle strap. B-Force Bands can also be used by 2 people at one time. B-Force Bands also come in 3 different tensions Light, Medium, Heavy, you may also double up the tension on any set of B-Force Bands, by simply connecting 2 latex tubes to one set of handles/ ankle straps and repeat the same on the other side.
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B-Force Bands for all

B-Force Bands comes in 2 different options. Orange with medium tension and Green with light tension on the bands.

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